Ordering Information

Most orders are placed via email.  When emailing your order, please be sure to supply the following:

  -Scanned photograph
  -Background choice
  -Portrait size
  -Any notes, special instructions, or important details (i.e. eye color)
  -Due date

All orders will be completed before they are needed (when placed at least a few hours before due).  Please let me know your due date/time and I will do everything I can to meet that deadline, even on weekends.  Original portrait orders are usually designed that same day.  Digital files can be sent within a few hours of order placement.  Printed portraits can be ready same day as order placement.  Delivery of printed portraits is limited to shipping restrictions.  When shipping is required overnight delivery is available.

I can also scan your original photographs for you at no additional cost.  These can be sent to the address below.

All pricing information is available upon request - Please call, text or email me 

Send your orders to: billw91@yahoo.com

Contact Information

William J. Winseck
6336 Helen Street
South Park, PA 15129

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