My name is William J. Winseck and I design portraits.  The simulated oil paintings that I create are a quick and affordable alternative to the real thing.  Where an actual oil painting can take up to several weeks to complete, my portraits can be completed in as little as a couple of hours.  Furthermore, they are available at just a small fraction of the price.  

My portraits are designed from ordinary snapshots, digital camera pictures and cell phone pictures. Using a technique that I developed myself I have designed over 15,000 portraits and have been designing portraits for over 15 years.  During this time and experience I have continually implemented new skills and techniques to help create the highest quality digital portraits available.

The realness of my portraits can be attributed to my background in both fine art and graphic design.  Being a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art I put together my skills and experiences in both fields to create these portraits.  The techniques I use employ many of the same brush strokes and blending styles as in true oil painting.  

Thank you for coming!  Enjoy your visit!